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Design & Functionality In Top Form  *

The GAP facade offers unique energetic and ecologic features.


Insulating Using Light

Where there is no heat lost no new energy must be generated to maintain a comfortable room climate:

This is the basic principle of GAP:skin. 


The building is enclosed by a tempered air cushion - This buffer zone is a climate regulator and ensures a pleasant room climate during all seasons. 

The power of this simple solution lies within its consideration of complex physical correlations – this is more than just the sum of individual parts.  

Long-Term Quality

First grade materials ensure long-term quality. GAP glass facades are durable and weatherproof. The evenly warm facade, which is also open to vapour diffusion, ensures mould-free rooms and balances out thermal faults in the building envelope. 

The GAP:skin reaches insulation values that cannot be achieved using conventional insulation materials. These conditions allow for entirely new approaches for simple house technology systems. Conventional heating systems become obsolete – with positive effects on energy costs and the environment. 


Top Insulation

The GAP facade forms a unique building envelope which prevents any heat loss. A simple, high-quality and ecological interaction of light, wood and air eliminates any thermal bridges and significantly increases hygrothermal and acoustic comfort.

Long-Term Efficiency

GAP facade systems are weather proof and maintenance free and drastically reduce maintenance and operating costs. Constant heating keeps the building dry and increases its life. 

Environment and Comfort

The use of ecologically safe components is environmentally friendly, top insulation characteristics minimize CO2 emission. The balanced surface temperature on the inside wall ensures even heat and comfort. In addition, GAP facades provide a high level of sound insulation thanks to a patented glass-honeycomb combination. 

Technology and Design

The thermally stable building envelope allows for the use of simplified and cost-efficient house technology systems, and installation expenses are low as well: The pre-fabricated GAP:skin allows for quick installation on site; the building remains habitable during installation.  

The design offers modern diversity: The free combination of a large choice of structure and color variations offers ample room for creativity.  

Tax Office & Regional Court | Bruck a. d. Mur

Rehabilitation of an office building Completion: 2012

Bank | Biel

Rehabilitation of an office building Completion: 2012

District administrative authority of Weiz | Weiz

Completion: 2010 Facade surface area: 650 m²

LEG Thüringen | Erfurt

Completion: 2002 Facade surface area: 4,000 m² City: Erfurt, Germany