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Hot Water out of the Wall *

GAP:water offers customized hot-water supply solutions. Integrated in the facade,
 adapted and patented. The ecologically perfect energy-saving potential.


Heat Collector in the Facade

Based on individual project requirements, GAP:water offers customized solutions for hot-water generation and heat recovery. Again, the main principle is the prevention of energy loss. The supply is provided by the facade, at maximum decentralization.

Using Existing Potential

GAP:water uses existing waste water heat and focuses on eliminating long lines resulting in heat loss. Based on individual requirements, we combine concrete storage absorbers, loss-free hot-water distribution, heat recovery and photovoltaic, for the perfect solution for any situation.



The decentralized hot-water supply in the facade prevents distribution and transport losses, it is maintenance-free and requires no regulation expenditure.  


The integrated GAP solution secures your independence from increasing energy costs. This makes living socially viable - and ecologically safe.  

Tax Office & Regional Court | Bruck a. d. Mur

Rehabilitation of an office building Completion: 2012

Bank | Biel

Rehabilitation of an office building Completion: 2012

District administrative authority of Weiz | Weiz

Completion: 2010 Facade surface area: 650 m²

LEG Thüringen | Erfurt

Completion: 2002 Facade surface area: 4,000 m² City: Erfurt, Germany