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From Single Part to Combined Advantage *

The combined facade and building technology by GAP2 systems saves on energy –
 and unites efficiency and ecology.


New Ways 

The innovative combination of facade and building technology is writing new building chapters. The key is the interaction of all components, and in the GAP3 solutions system approach. 

Building Envelope and Technology

Where no energy will be lost no additional one has to be produced.

The intelligent GAP facade solutions practically don't allow any heat loss - the interaction of light, wood and air eliminate thermal bridges. 

The optimized house envelope also allows for optimization of the house technology. Simple and decentralized systems help you save money in investment and maintenance. The coordinated complete system consisting of facade and building technology sets economical and ecological standards. 

Decentralized Efficiency

Based on the interaction of the components, GAP2 systems focuses on sustainability and renewable energy. The scarce use of resources and minimized operating and maintenance costs map the road to a sustainable future


Excellent Eco Balance

The GAP system uses natural physical conditions for measurable results. It scores highly thanks to the positive material characteristics of wood and a dynamic outer insulation. Unique and sustainable. 

Simple and Efficient 

The GAP building system entirely eliminates thermal bridges and increases the hygrothermal and acoustic comfort. GAP2 systems provides holistic concepts – perfectly balanced and tailored to each building. 

Technically matured, scientifically sound.

The GAP system has been developed in collaboration with leading universities and research institutions and extensively tested. For energy that stays. 


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