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Knowledge creates awareness *

Did you know that you could heat a whole room with a 60 watt bulb?

The energy loss through the GAP facade is so low that even the smallest heat sources, such as a 60 watt bulb, are sufficient to retain the heat in a room, thus rendering conventional heating systems obsolete.

Did you know that the annual heating cost for a 70m2 apartment could equal the cost of filling up a car?

Driving from Vienna to Hamburg ... that's all the energy you need to heat a 70m² apartment in one year. ...provided that your apartment is equipped with the intelligent GAP system.

Did you know that the average household heats approximately 150 liters of water 24 hours a day - and that during taking a shower each waterdrop touches our skin for 2 to 3 seconds? This heat, however, could be retained.

The efficient GAP3 solutions allow you to use the energy of waste water and to maintain it in the hot-water processing cycle.

Awareness created?

Knowledge creates awareness

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